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Upcoming Concerts

This spring we have three programs to perform at a total of ten venues throughout the St. Louis region.  Click the links below for complete information including performance dates and locations.

Journeys of the Spirit


Explore life through the eyes of spirited Spanish girls, a wanderer, and the sting of love.  Our guides will be the Renaissance poet Petrarch, Spanish poet Alfred de Musset, German romantic Eduard Mörike and Robert Louis Stevenson.  Join our team of musicians as they take us on a captivating journey exploring wanderlust and the restless human spirit.

Performances are in Edwardsville, IL and St. Louis, MO.  Pianist Nancy Mayo is joined by soprano Karen Kanakis and baritone Jacob Lassetter.

Lost and Found:  Lovers Reunited

Separation makes the heart grow fonder.  For these lovers who find themselves separated by distance, class, or family intervention, they could not feel the pain of loss any more sharply.  Come along on the journey as they find ways to reconnect - passing notes through a waiter, sending messages through nature, and even finding consummation in death.

Performances are in St. Louis, St. Charles, and Carlinville (IL).  Pianist Joseph Welch is joined by mezzo-soprano Brennan Blankenship of Houston, TX, and tenor Chase Hopkins, founder of Opera Edwardsville.

Goddess:  A Celebration of Women's Lives in Song

This special program features the star-studded cast of singers Debby Lennon, Kate Reimann, and Leann Schuering with pianist Gail Hintz and is sure to be a concert you will not want to miss!

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