About Us

In the vibrant and varied music community of St. Louis, one art form has long been underrepresented.  The rich heritage of poetry set to song now has its own home in our region.

St. Louis Art Song features creative programming to engage and captivate its audiences. 

Art song recitals are intimate performances of music that speaks to the heart and soul.  Rooted in Salons and Schubertiads where performers interact with the audience throughout  performances, this is one of the more personable vehicles to experience classical music.  The small ensemble size (just a singer and pianist!) makes song an especially portable art form.  Our concerts intentionally cover a large swath of the St. Louis region.  In the spirit of other great St. Louis institutions that provide incredible cultural opportunities to the community for free, St. Louis Art Song performances are free and open to the public.  Everyone is welcome!